I started bending steel and practicing feats of strength as a way to strengthen my grip.  I studied the old-time strongmen who twisted horseshoes, lifted odd objects and juggled kettlebells, and I sought to duplicate their feats.  I soon created new feats and began doing my own strongman shows.  As I got stronger, the steel got bigger and the bends got more complex.  Horseshoes got turned into hearts, hardware got broken in half and hand bent designs started to take hold.

My passion for strength training started when I made a commitment to get in shape.  Inactivity as a youth led me to be an overweight teenager who wanted to make a change.  I started to lift weights and quickly fell in love with the feeling of getting stronger.  I found a positive sense of self and immersed myself with everything concerning strength and the physical culture.  I became a student of the Iron Game.  I went to Towson University got a degree in exercise science.  I got certified as a strength and conditioning specialist.  I competed in and won the Maryland Strongest Man contest.

Today I earn my living as a trainer, an artist and a professional performing strongman.  I specialize in kettlebell training, motivational speaking and feats of strength.

Iron Bonsai is hand bent steel sculpture. It is an art of strength.  Using no heat and no tools, the steel is bent by strength of hand alone.  This is scrolling.  This is art of the strongman.

-Dan Cenidoza, CSCS